Please click here for the template for papers.

Software: Papers should be submitted in both .doc or docx format. When using Microsoft “WORD” please save the manuscript in Word 97-2003 document format for compatibility purposes.

Naming the File: When you name your document, please use the last name of the primary author. Language: The official language of the IRCSEEME conference is English.

Length of Paper: The maximum acceptable length is 10 pages.

Margins: Please use top and bottom margins of 35 mm and right and left margins of 30 mm on A4-size paper. Avoid beginning a new page with the last line of a paragraph or ending a page with a single line or heading. Justify text at the left and right margins.

Spacing and Indents: Use single spacing with one space above and below headings and one space between paragraphs. Indent the first line of a new paragraph 0.5 cm.

Fonts: For the text of your paper, use 11-point Times New Roman. Type the title of your paper and major headings subheadings in Times New Roman.

First Page: At the top margin, type the title of your paper in Times New Roman 14-point bold, centred between the side margins. Titles should not exceed three lines. Leave a single spacing space and type the author’s name, organization, country. For multiple authors from the same organization or address, list the organization only once.

Abstract: After listing the authors, leave two spaces and type the major heading ABSTRACT in 10-point Times New Roman bold and centred. Leave a space and then begin typing your abstract. Abstracts should be up to 300 words and should be an informative, self- explanatory summary of the paper, but not an introduction or a verbatim repetition of the conclusions.

Page Numbers and Page Headers: Page numbers should be placed centered at the bottom of each page, beginning with page 1. Do not use any other page headers or footers.

Headings: On the page following the Abstract page, begin your paper. Type major headings, such as Introduction, Discussion, Conclusions and References in bold type font and at the left margin.

Units of Measure: Use SI units.

Equations: Number equations consecutively, placing the number in parentheses at the right margin.

Footnotes: Please avoid using footnotes in the paper.

Figures and Tables: Drawings and photographs (figures) should be inserted into the text just after they are mentioned in the text. Tables should be typed right in the text as soon as possible after they are mentioned.

Include a caption for each table, photograph, and drawing. Number figures and tables as they appear in the text (Figure 1, Figure 2, etc., and Table 1, Table 2, etc.) Type figure captions below the figure. Type table captions above the table.

References: List references at the end of the paper in the order in which they are cited within the text, and assign consecutive numbers to each one. The major heading for this list is REFERENCES. Make sure that every reference number is cited in the text enclosed in brackets on the text line [1].

Acknowledgments: These should appear at the end of the text, before REFERENCES.

Author’s Responsibilities: Authors will be responsible for obtaining permission to use material from previously published sources and for properly crediting these sources. Copyrights or restrictions on reproductions must not appear anywhere in the text or graphic materials including photographs. The authors will be responsible for the content and accuracy of submitted papers.


Theorem Conferences and Northumbria University publishers of the conference proceedings, will hold the copyright to the Proceedings. However, authors will retain all proprietary rights other than copyright. Such publication should not occur before the IRCSEEME conference.

Please complete and sign a Transfer of Copyright Form.

This form should be emailed to the Organising Committee of the Conference at

Presenters are requested to provide brief biographical information. Please include the title of the paper, your name, current position, education, experience, and any special awards or recognition received. Biographical information should not exceed two paragraphs, if possible.

Submitting Your Paper

Papers should be submitted electronically by e-mail to 

The proceedings editors will review your paper for format only. Authors are responsible for ensuring grammatical and technical accuracy of the paper.

If you have any questions while preparing your paper, please contact