We would like to invite you to participate in the 2nd International Research Conference on Sustainable Energy, Engineering, Materials and Environment (SEEME), which is organised by researchers from the University of Oviedo,  in partnership with Theorem Conferences and Events.

This event will be held from the
25th – 27th of July 2018
at the Polytechnic School of Mieres, University of Oviedo (Asturias), in Spain.

This conference offers a platform for worldwide researchers and scientists from academia, industry and government to discuss proposals and disseminate results on sustainable energy and materials and its impact on engineering and our Environment. The formation of lasting productive partnerships between the participants is also an objective of this conference. This research conference is open to all in the research and scientific community.

All presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Selected papers will be invited for consideration as a full peer review submission of the conference journals.

There will also be opportunities for companies and institutions to introduce their products and services at this conference. If you wish to enquire further about this option, please contact the Organizing Committee.

Finally, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to this conference.

Hope to see you at this conference in Asturias.


Eduardo Alvarez Alvarez, PhD.                       Manuel Rico Secades, PhD.

             Chairman                                                              Chairman