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Mieres is a municipality of Asturias, northern Spain.

Mieres is the heart of the coal mining industry in Spain The topography of Mieres is mountainous with the greatest population centers being located in the valley along the banks of the Caudal River (Río Caudal) valley in the center of Asturias. Before the Spanish Industrial Restructuring Mieres was one of the industrial backbone of Asturias. Today Mieres shelters a campus of the University of Oviedo and different museums in relation with the industrial heritage.

The municipality of Mieres is served by bus routes and the regional rail lines FEVE and RENFE Cercanias, connected with Oviedo, Gijón, León and Langreo.


Mieres’ most popular and important festival St. John’s Bonfire (La Foguera de San Juan) occurs every June 24’s eve, and is highlighted by a huge bonfire, cultural events, dancing, outdoor concerts, fireworks, al fresco dining and drinking. Another important festival is the Folixa na Primavera in April (Spring Fiesta), which includes dance and music performances from the nine European Celtis regions, food, drink and especially cider.