Lithuanian languages: Lithuania is the official language of Lithuania. Given the surrounding countries, Russian, Polish, Belarusian, Ukrainian and English are other languages spoken within the country. The Schengen Agreement, which led to the concept of free movement between Member States and removed all restrictions along their borders, was signed in a small wine town called Schengen in Luxembourg. So if you were curious as to why it was called “Schengen”, there is the explanation! After Slovakia, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Poland announced in mid-March the complete closure of their national borders, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that “some controls may be justified, but the World Health Organization does not consider general travel bans to be the most effective. In addition, they have strong social and economic repercussions, disrupting people`s lives and affairs across borders. [166] Von der Leyen also apologised to Italy, amid widespread Italian discontent over Europe`s lack of solidarity. [167] Until the end of March 2020, almost all of Schengen`s internal borders were closed to non-essential travel. By July 2020, most of the borders closed due to coronavirus had been reopened. The Schengen area consists of a group of European countries that do not have restrictions for tourists travelling on their territory. Thanks to the Schengen Agreement, these countries have abolished all types of border controls along their reciprocal borders, in order to facilitate the movement of tourists to other Schengen countries. This means that the whole area is one country where you only need one Schengen visa to travel to the Schengen Member States. Since June 2017, ten urban transport agreements have come into force. All travellers entering and leaving the Schengen area by general aviation or on a pleasure boat must find their first access/arrival point at an airport/airfield or seaport designated as a border crossing point at the external border.

By exception, travellers on board a pleasure boat are allowed to make their first port of call in a port that is not designated as an external border crossing when informing port authorities and having the permission of the border guards. [216] In practice, however, this is a difficult loophole to control and large-scale drug trafficking involving private vessels has been discovered.