The fees we introduce are eligible for housing and universal credits. Check your rental agreement and rental book carefully. If you are expected to pay a service fee, the lessor or broker should have included a clause regarding this payment. If there is no indication of an additional service charge, you may be able to challenge your payment obligation. Tenants who live in apartments are the main payers who have to pay a service fee. The average fee will be $2.29 per week and will increase to $4.17 by 2023/24. As a tenant, you also pay us an administration fee to cover the costs of providing our services for you. The amendments do not affect the rights that tenants legally have, z.B. housing Act 1985, the type of lease, only the terms, or mean that your lease expires. Variable Service Taxes At the beginning of each year of service (April 1 to March 31), we will send you an estimate of the service charge, indicating how much you will pay for that year. It is based on how much we spent the previous year on service and maintenance of your property.

It also takes into account changes in the contract, inflation (if any) and expected additional expenses. The general principle of a tenancy agreement is that the lessor is not required to provide a service that is not covered by the tenancy agreement and that the tenant does not have to pay for something that is not expressly stipulated in the tenancy agreement. Although we have worked hard to ensure that your fixed service charges are correct, in some cases households have already paid incorrect fees or have not paid for all the services they receive. Landlords charge a service fee to cover their service costs for a building. How your service charges are organized (for example. B what it covers and how it is calculated) is specified in your rental or rental agreement. The fee generally covers the costs of services such as general maintenance and repairs, building insurance and, when provided, central heating, elevators, beams, lighting and cleaning of common areas and so on. Fees may also include management fees for the lessor or professional management officer, as well as contributions to a reserve fund. Residents do not always benefit in the same way from the services of a building.

For example, city dwellers who reside on the ground floor of a building and have direct access to the street should not contribute to the cost of a municipal doorway system. Or if a project consists of two buildings and only one of the buildings has an elevator, only the occupants of the block with the elevator contribute to the maintenance. At the end of each fiscal year, the actual cost of providing services is calculated and compared to this year`s estimated expense. If the estimate was too low, we add the difference to your service charge for the following year. If the estimate was too high, we will take the difference in your service charge for next year. 1. Limit service costs to municipal cleaning and gardening, municipal electricity, municipal waste disposal and administration. We may introduce additional royalties in the future. The service charge requirements you must pay your landlord must be written down and include your landlord`s name and address. If your landlord`s name and address are not listed on request, you do not have to pay the service fee until you have received this information. (The name and address of the managing agent do not count, unless they are also the owner).) If your landlord`s address is outside England or Wales, the request must contain an address in England or Wales that you can use to send messages to your landlord.