When licensed software is made available for network execution, the number of licenses purchased for the software must be at least equal to the number of PCs, physical servers and terminals on which it can be run. For example, if the software can be run on 8 pcs or a different terminal client on the network, it takes at least 8 licenses, that the software is actually run simultaneously on all PCs. For some products, customer licenses are offered, which can be used to license additional users. With a location license, you can use the software for all users and on all computers in the same site (city). Site or company-wide licenses cannot be used by other legal entities in the group, but they are limited to the licensee`s legal person. When processing data for the account or for a customer, our licenses only include the installation of the mandated part and the data of a customer to support. Additional customers must be subject to an additional license. To this end, reduced licenses, consultant licenses or supplier licenses can be obtained upon request. Unlike other licenses, a consultant`s license is a username license. This is an independent product license and allows the hired user to use it on different machines for processing the data of any number of third parties.

To do this, it is possible to use both the portable version (if available) and the local facilities. More information about separate licensing forms and their pricing can be found in the price list and in our knowledge base. Licensed development components, such as shellBrowser.B components can be used in projects with no additional licensing fees as long as they come with the software in binary form and without a license file, or if they are statically linked and are not decompilable in the corresponding applications. It is not permissible to develop and distribute your own libraries or development components with our software components. The number of licenses required is based on the number of workstations where components can be used for development. I just downloaded TreeSize Free and am very impressed with the amount you have built into the free version of your software. This is clearly a well developed and carefully thought out product that will be very useful in finding the mess on my hard drive. It contains a lot more value than I expected and I congratulate you for a well made product. The transfer of licensed software to third parties in any form without permission is prohibited. The right to distribute the software is retained by the author.

The illegal transfer of programs is a violation of the law. More than 100,000 customers trust TreeSize. Many companies are buying larger licensing packages that allow more users to access TreeSize at the same time. International groups often use site-wide licenses or national licenses – or simply apply for a global licence. Our customer base continues to grow: with more than 1.5 million downloads per year, our TreeSize convinces new users every day from our servers alone. In general, you need at least as many licenses as the computers or customers on which our software is available for execution. Any instance (installation) provided to more than one user must be granted on the basis of the number of users and each license can only be assigned to a new user or computer system every 30 days. Does your company have different sites and branches in other cities? Need more than a license? Let`s calculate the cheapest package for you! Our software may contain modules subject to other licensing conditions, including the GPL.